Sunday, August 13, 2017

Dysartrhria Treatment Exercises That are Fun and Easy

Many believe there are dysarthria treatment exercises that are fun and easy.  The term dysarthria exercises may conjure up in the minds of others an uncomfortable thought.  The word exercises may not conjure up an enjoyable image or the thought that it may be fun and easy.

If we were to ask those with dysarthria if they wanted to do "exercises" there may be a luke-wam response. However when asked if you want to speak clearly and be understood while having ease, and fun they would probably be more interested and curious.
Dysarthria Treatment Exercises that are Fun and Easy
Dysarthria Treatment Exercises
 can be fun and easy

Although they may be helpful, exercises with word, phrase, or sentence lists from workbooks or handout sheets are often boring, not only for the person with dysarthria, but also for the therapist.  Dysarthria treatment exercises are difficult and not related to actual talking, especially after the noon lunch hour...yawn.

One can speak clearly with dysarthria treatment exercises especially when speaking is made fun and easy.    Let's remove the word exercises and substitute the word TALKING.  Every goal a therapist works on for many cases of dysarthria can be accomplished within a conversation or when 2 people are talking.  In that way the dysarthria treatment can be fun and easy.

What Makes Dysarthria Treatment Exercises Fun and Easy
Talking about cool and interesting stuff!

Think about it, even if you are teaching a person to decrease speech rate, you can do it in a two word conversation.  The fun exercise can be just talking to each other in two words!  It's easier than you think.

You can make exercises fun and easy by picking a topic, and setting a rule such as only talking in 2 words and then start talking!  The therapist or caregiver takes a turn and says something, and then the person with dysarthria.  You can even add a fun pause of let's say one second between each spoken word.  As the person with dysarthria can accomplish that goal, the therapist then increases the number of words within the conversation.

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