Thursday, August 17, 2017

Dysarthria Speech Therapy Methods You Can Do At Home To Speak Better

Dysarthria Speech Therapy Methods  You Can Do At Home To Speak Better
The family member learns
dysarthria thera

What Must You Do to Help the Person with Dysarthria Speak Better at Home.

1.  Choose a therapist who knows what he or she is doing and gets results.

2.  Find a therapist who is experienced treating those with dysarthria.

3.  Speech therapy at least 2-3's a week with the caregiver or family member in attendance.

4.  The caregiver/family member watches and participates in the therapy.

5.  During each therapy visit the person with dysarthria is accomplshing clear speech under the direction of the therapist

6.  The therapist during the therapy visits models a new way of speaking which the caregiver-family member  models, or repeats.

7.  While in each therapy visit the caregiver-family member does the dysarthria speech therapy methods with the person who has dysarthria and accomplishes clear speech.

  The Major Focus of Dysarthria Speech Therapy include:

a.  Find the best way to model a new way of speaking, have the family member model it, and also have the person with dysarthria model it also within the therapy environment. (in office or online)

b.  Once the person with dysarthria can mimic the new way of speaking with the family member in the office, they are asked to go home and practice it in simple conversation question and answers.

c.  Person with dysarthria and family member return to office or online video conferencing next visit and demonstrate to the therapist they can hold a simple conversation with the new way of speaking.

Is it perfect at first?

No.  The therapist helps both family member and client interact with the correct way until it is learned and easily accomplished.

d.  Conversations often start with few words and then increase gradually as comfort level and confidence builds.

What must you do if you are looking for dysarthria speech therapy methods to speak better that
you can do at home?  Find an expert speech therapist who specializes in dysarthria and go learn to do what he/she does.  Often there may be other speaking challenges like aphasia.  No worries.

Once you learn to do the dysarthria speech therapy methods with the therapist, you be at home and provide the therapy every time you speak to the person with dysarthria for days, months, and even years into the future.  That way speech gets better faster since you are doing daily talking!

This is the link if you need help:  If you would like an expert speech therapist to help you?