Friday, August 25, 2017

Dysarthria Speech Therapy Home Exercises | Preparing for the Worst

Dysarthria Speech Therapy Home Exercises | Preparing for the Worst
Be Prepared for the Worst

Preparing for the Worst

It is not a common expression to prepare for the worst, especially when it comes to dysarthria speech therapy, or any speech therapy for that matter.  We are just not conditioned to think about dysarthria speech therapy home exercises and preparing for the worst.

There is a hurricane that is nearby.  It is due to make landfall tomorrow, and the weatherman says to expect 12-20 inches of water.  It's not the wind and flying debri that is the concern, although we all know that high winds can lift up a lawn chair or just about any object and make it a flying projectile.  It's the water, and the flooding.  Rivers can overflow their banks and strand motorists and pedestrians, and we have all read about severe injuries and deaths caused by flooding.

Why should we speak about Dysarthria Speech Therapy Home Exercises, and Preparing for the Worst?

That's easy.  Most people really do not prepare for the worst.  Isn't it common NOT to worry about anything unless we are in immediate peril?  It's when we are in danger that we prepare for the worst, not necessarily when things are good.

In today's world, no one really knows how long they will receive speech therapy for dysarthria, aphasia or apraxia.  Insurance companies, medicare, and other providers usually decide to stop authorizing therapy at their own discretion.  Therefore think of Dysarthria Speech Therapy Home Exercises as a way to prepare for the worst.  Many think that just because they receive dysarthria speech therapy it will go on forever.  Far from the truth, and if you think that way you'd better prepare for the worst.

The Devastation

There are many clients and patients undergoing speech therapy for dysarthria, aphasia and apraxia, and one day they go to therapy and are told they have either plateaued (the therapist, or patient just reaches a point where they stop progressing.  It is devastating; shocking; and a total surprise to the client or patient and caregiver.  All of suddent they are discontinued from therapy with no alternatives other than to find a University that is training students, to do some singing at home, to buy an i pad, or to join a conversation group, which often may be more geared to those who have higher speaking abilities.  In other words, no more skilled care.

Be Prepared for the Worst When It Comes to Dysarthria Speech Therapy or Any Speech Therapy

The point of this article is to be prepared for the worst.  Learn if there is a home study course like The Teaching of Talking Video Training Course that trains spouses, family members and therapists in the methods to help their loved ones speak better especially if the aphasia is of the Broca's type or if the person with aphasia can imitate or say simple sounds or words after the sound or word is spoken to them..  The Training course was written by a therapist with over 40 years of direct one on one therapy with those with dysarthria and aphasia.  It was written due to the many times he had to inform patients their thrapy was discontinued.  It was so disheartening, the shock and devastation when they heard the sentence NO MORE THERAPY.

Don't Let It Happen To You

Be prepared for the inevitable.  Learn what you can so to help your loved one speak better.    There will come a time when you will need the knowledge of how to help your loved one talk.  Don't get caught unprepared!