Sunday, August 13, 2017

Dysarthria Speech Therapy Home Exercises: Clearer Speech by Talking

Many therapists believe that dysarthria speech therapy home exercises should be done with boring word lists, phrases and sentences that are sent home in a speech notebook with the directive to PRACTICE.  They don't know that clearer speech is possible by talking.

Dysarthria Speech Therapy Home Exercises:
Clearer Speech by Talking

Nobody really likes to sit down with a bunch of phrases or sentences that often has nothing to do with typical everyday speaking and interaction with family members or friends.  There is often a major gap in carry over or the automatic improvement of speaking when word lists or phrases are practiced that are not specifically related to real speaking situations.

Judy was a patient with profound dysarthria who had been to the clinic numerous times and after eight or 12 weeks she would be sent home, with little to no improvement.  The therapists said that she never practiced, and that the family was not involved.  Every 6 months or so she would return to the clinic demanding that she be seen for speech therapy since her speech was just the same.  It was slurred, mumbled, and often she had to be asked to repeat what she was saying, over and over again.

Speech Therapy Home Exercises for Clearer Speech by Talking

A new speech therapist who had been using The Teaching of Talking Method was asked to work with Judy when she returned to the clinic months later.  None of the other therapists wanted to work with her.  They just said she would never get better, and therapy would be a waste of time.

A New Dysarthria Home Exercise for Clearer Speech

Judy was engaged in speaking only.  No word lists, papers, computer, i pads or hand out sheets.  The Therapist started working with her at the two word level and gradually increased the number of words in conversation to 6.  The therapist and Judy talked about everything under the sun, like Judy's experience as choral director at her church, and how everyone avoided her when she and her husband attended each week.  They avoided her because she could not be understood.  But not for long!  Within weeks of starting therapy Judy was showing up at church and intentionally seeking out the people she always had loved and showing them she could speak clearly.  She improved speaking rapidly since she was actually talking in therapy visits with her husband attending, and then using her new speech at home with her teenage son, and husband.  

Clearer Speech by Talking with The Teaching of Talking Method

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