Friday, July 14, 2017

Dysarthria Speech Therapy: Making Speech Understood

 Dysarthria Speech Therapist Mark A. Ittleman, M.S., CCC/SLP

Dysarthria Speech Therapy:  We know that one of the most important aspects of communication through speaking, is that it be understood by the listener.  Equally important is the quality and how the speech sounds.  If the act of speaking calls undo attention, people may find themselves listening to HOW the person is speaking, rather than WHAT they are saying.

Dysarthria Speech Therapy:  The following video is a short review of dysarthria with simple explanations that anyone can understand.  Moshe Mark explains the concept of dysarthria and what is done to improve it so that just about anyone can understand it.

Dysarthria Speech Therapist Mark Ittleman has 44 years of experience helping people improve their ability to speak.  He works with those who have medical speaking difficulties such as aphasia, apraxia and dysarthria as well as professionals and executives who wish to become clear, articulate speakers.  The ability to speak with clarity and  move audiences in the corporate and marketing arenas in today's business climate is essential.  Mark is certified as a speech language pathologist by the American Speech Language and Hearing Associations and holds professional licenses within the USA.  He also works with international patients and executives.  Call today to set up your free video conference consultation at 832-233-2601.

You can also get your copy of the Teaching of Talking Online Training Course which will teach you how to help your person who has dysarthria speak better like a therapist with over 40 years of experience.  It has an unconditional money back guarantee.

You get can get started right now helping your loved one with dysarthria speak better and clearer using The Teaching of Talking Method.