Saturday, July 15, 2017

Do You Want To Learn Aphasia Speech Therapy?

Do You Want To Learn Aphasia Speech Therapy?
 Learn Aphasia Speech Therapy
 First of all, Early in my career I made lots of mistakes and had disappointing results.  Please allow me to enumerate.

Aphasia Speech Therapy Conclusion: Very little is written for the Caregiver, Parent, or even a speech language pathologist who wishes to learn simple speech and language stimulation methods that are fun and practical and can be used at home without a lot of papers-materials.

My College Programs DID NOT GIVE ME clear cut methods of what to do specifically to help people with aphasia actually talk!

The Universities I attended gave me the theories, not the methods to help people with aphasia speak.  Had to find and create them on my own. Because of that I floundered at first.  I tried all the latest and greatest, but was not happy with any of them!  Therefore in the early years doing speech therapy for aphasia was Not Fun!  I don’t want you to experience the frustration, fear and anxiety that I did.

Theories are good, but they do not give the clinician or caregiver the methods or techniques to help the the person talk.  Because there is little method taught at the University level, therapists are often ill prepared to deal with complex speaking situations like those found in moderate to profound aphasias and apraxias.

You can start learning aphasia speech therapy to help your loved ones and clients talk better.  This method helps people talk by actually speaking with them and stimulating their speech in words, word combinations, phrases and sentences.  Find out how you can get started learning this wonderful method today.  Teaching of Talking Online Training .  Get it today!